I can help you with content strategy, email automation, messaging and positioning, and just general content writing and editing.

I write content that helps you:

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This might look like:

  • Automated emails to educate your leads before sales people call them.

  • Refreshed messaging and positioning to help you win in your market.

  • Sales collateral to help your team close more deals.

  • Case studies, ebooks and white papers to prove that you know what you’re talking about.

Some of the organisations I’ve worked with:



How I work

I follow a four-step process:



1: Do the research

I talk to your team, your customers and potential customers. I review existing material. I review any data you have. This helps me with three things:

  • I learn the “language” your audience speaks - there’s no sense in talking about great espresso when your customers call it coffee.

  • I learn why your customers do business with you. Hot tip: my clients are usually surprised by what I find.

  • I find out what is and isn’t working in your current marketing.

I put all this together, and form a hypothesis. This might look like:

“People aren’t buying because they don’t understand our product.”

“Our customers don’t know what else we offer”

“Our customers are leaving because they forget we exist.”



2: Make a plan

I give you a prioritised list of copywriting projects.

We start with the projects that have the highest impact in exchange for the lowest effort. These are what we use to test my hypothesis.

If I’m right, we press on to the projects that can really move the needle, but take a bit more investment. If I’m wrong, we go back to step 1 and figure out why. Then we try again until we get it right.


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3: Get to work

Testing’s over - now it’s time to make a difference. This is when we start delivering the high-impact projects that really move the needle for your business.

This could be automated emails to nurture your leads. It could be a landing page that converts by speaking to the exact pain your customers are feeling in that moment. It could be a set of case studies tuned to hit the right notes for your potential customers. Or it could be as ambitious as completely re-imagined messaging and positioning. No matter what we decide on, one thing is clear: this is the step where we make things happen.

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4: Check back in

Markets change, products evolve and customer preferences shift. Rather than pretend this doesn’t happen, I like to check back in every few months and figure out whether we need to move things around on our prioritised list.



Let’s get started

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