Things I can help you with

Things I can help you with (a non-exhaustive list)

Email marketing

When done correctly, email is a great way to communicate with people.  As with most content, this goes beyond the actual writing. I can help you:

  • Segment your customers

  • Develop offerings for your email marketing

  • Make decisions on timing and frequency

  • Develop any supporting material (such as a web page to drive people to from an email)

  • . . .and finally, write the actual emails.

Training material

Education can be really valuable, both internally and externally. Internally, it's a way to make sure your team has all the information they need. Externally, it's valuable content that positions your organisation as an expert in your field. 

I can help you develop training material. This is often a matter of distilling your content down into bite-sized chunks, then articulating those chunks in memorable ways (eg, through scenarios). 

Good sales tools do more than just help sales people close deals. They also help you make sure your messaging is consistent across every conversation your sales teams are having with customers and potential customers.

I develop sales tools by working with every relevant stakeholder in the business - from the sales teams themselves, to customers, to product development teams, to senior leadership teams for a wide-angle view. From these conversations, I can develop tools that are both useful for your sales teams (so they get used!), but also useful for your wider organisational strategy.

The output can be as simple as a brochure, or as complex as a full-blown suite of tools, with onboarding documents, slide decks, phone scripts and more. Just depends on what you need.

Sales tools

General content writing

I can write articles that help you showcase your expertise and grow your influence.  This is a great way to start engaging with me, as it is a low-risk way to find out if I am what you're looking for. It's also an easy way for me to get up to speed with your product, your market and your brand. 

I can write articles for you, and also may be able to help you find affordable ways to distribute them.