Xero price change

Xero - communicating a price change


In 2013, Xero raised its price for most of its customers. This was the first time Xero had raised its price. There were a number of different segments, all of whom would be affected differently. For example, customers in Australia and the USA had payroll functionality, and a different pricing structure, than customers in New Zealand and the UK. Within regions, different customers would see their prices change in different ways, with the amount changing depending on the customer's pricing plan. 

On top of this, accountants had significant numbers of clients whose bills they paid on those clients behalf, so these people had to be communicated with as well. 

I worked closely with business analysts, the communications manager and the customer data team to identify the different customer segements, then create specific messaging for each of these segments. We created messaging for each of these segments, and worked with regional teams to make sure they were happy with that messaging. 

I then wrote all of the emails communicating these changes. These emails went to 200,000 people, spread over five different regions, with multiple customer segments for each region.

The project was a success, with all the emails launched at the right time, to the right person, with the right message. Everyone knew exactly how the price change would affect them.