Xero sales tools

Xero - tools to support sales teams

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 Xero is accounting software for small business owners.  Accountants and bookkeepers who get their clients on Xero were a key sales channel for the organisation.

I developed a set of tools for  sales people who worked with accountants and bookkeepers.  This project had two main goals:

  • Give new sales people the information they needed to get up to speed quickly. This was critical, as we were rapidly growing and hiring new salespeople every week. 
  • Evolve our messaging from cloud "anytime, anywhere" messaging to messaging that further differentiated us from competitors (as being in the cloud was no longer a sufficient differentiator). 

The main deliverable was a comprehensive sales guide that had key selling points and probing questions to drive conversations in the right direction. This guide gave any new salesperson the ability to quickly get up to speed with the product and its main benefits. I then used the messaging from this guide to develop supporting material, such as brochures, a slide deck and a new section of the website. This ensured that the messaging was consistent - and useful - throughout the sales process. 

Here's the guide's table of contents: 

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