Newsletter archive

Newsletter archive 

Here’s every single copywriting newsletter I’ve sent since June 2019. Enjoy.

7 October 2019: Thinking about how marketing teams often act as service providers when they should be creating assets.

23 September 2019: This one’s all about gated content - what I learned from my own gated content, and why I think guides are vastly inferior to shorter things like a series of emails, a cheat sheet or even just an Excel template. This is also the first of a shift to shorter, fortnightly newsletters.

9 September 2019: All about case studies! How to write better case studies and a link to my case study cheat sheet. Also a great marketing podcast I’ve been listening to, a funny thread about unsubscribing to marketing emails and more.

12 August 2019: A review of April Dunford’s book on positioning, some examples of great positioning I saw in the wild, another plug for my guide to outsourcing your content writing, and a one-post blog roundup.

10 July 2019: Curmudgeonly thoughts on an automated email that invited me to a webinar, some cool content from around the web, and further promoting my very slick professional photos. Along with the usual blog roundup.

10 June 2019: A cool automated email from Strava, some changes to this website, and the regular blog roundup.